A writers greatest set-back.

When seated at your desk; lounge, beanbag, park bench or kitchen table. There’s one thing you need most! A good back.

This is the one thing that shortens my writing time. I unfortunately have a very bad back, riddle with arthritis and compressed disks in the lower lumbar region.

Most of my time will be used to get Hydra cortisone injections into my L4-5 facets, it’s a simple enough procedure, completed under local anesthesia. Using an MRI to pin point the correct positions for the doctor to place the needles and administer the cortisone injections.

It seems as though my time has run out again and I need more injections, at least I’ve managed to get almost to the end of my second book. With this little set-back my book should be out early June.

Description of lumbar injections


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